Nobody really enjoys it. I mean, you might enjoy the feeling when it's done. Clean, organized, laundry and dishes put away. But I don't know anyone who actually enjoys doing it, especially if you're like me, with 2 stepkids who won't do their share without some nagging, and most of it is on your shoulders. 

But I read something somewhere that changed my mindset- and you'll have to forgive me for not quoting the source because I honestly can't remember it. I have a very bad memory. They said you should stop seeing it as a chore, and start seeing it as a chance to show love to those in your household. 

Mind blown. It's crazy how different it feels to do the same stuff now. Do I still get irritated digging clothes out of P's closet floor because he refuses to rehang them when he decides not to wear them? Yes, and I will probably always hate matching socks. But when my husband tells me how thankful he is that I do work so hard to manage the household, I know it makes a difference. 

The point? Well, housework is only one way you can make a difference in the lives of those closest to you. Some people do it in their cooking. Some people do it by working hard to provide a beautiful and comfortable home environment. Housework can be the same because you're providing a much needed service, but maybe you can go beyond just completing the task now. Once you start seeing each thing you do in life, even chores, as a way you can love people around you, you can start seeing how everything you do is that opportunity- loving others.

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