Intro Letter

It's been on my heart lately to be real.

Real about my struggles, trials, faith and life.

I feel like the world surrounds us with this false advertising, photographic wonderland, a Pinterest worthy life that can't be attained. And we keep reaching for it, because keeping up with the Joneses is almost an Olympic sport these days.

But God didn't promise us an easy life, or a pretty one even, and here on this blog, I won't either. I'm going to play straight because a little more honesty and hope for something better seems to be what a lot of us struggling folks are looking for. 

I'm a vanilla girl. You probably don't notice me in the grocery store with my make up free face, frizzy hair pulled back in a ponytail. I don't have big dreams of being a bestselling author and going on tour around North America. In fact, I'm a pretty major introvert and putting my thoughts on the big blogosphere kinda scares me. You won't see me speaking to thousands or appearing for interviews. I feel like God wants me to share my thoughts and behind a faceless blog is about as gutsy as I can go. 

So I'm sitting here in my plain t-shirt and jeans, nervously jumping in. My most heartfelt dream is that I be remembered as someone who loved others without worrying about protecting myself, because that's the example Jesus set as He walked the face of the Earth. 

And so I hope something I write blesses you and strengthens your faith. 



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